Finding alignment and understanding is important in our partnerships. It is vital to share foundational culture and values to meet our goals and be able to contribute, elevate and support each other. Each partnership brings with them unique skills, strengths and resources. We are able to come together for the overall health and well-being our our community. We would like to introduce our partners.



Broadcasting & media production company

“Pilina Media is a film production team dedicated to cultivating pilina oe connection via a visual and audio medium.”

Kanu Ka ʻIke is proud to be partners in the community with this amazing team. They are our primary film partner for all our media needs. They have documented countless community events and intimate interviews with some of Hawaiʻis legends. Pilina Media plays a vital role in providing this platform for all communities to be able to view and listen to ʻike and inforamtion for generations to come. They truly create a sense of pilina for all viewer.


We are happy to announce our partnership with Mālama I Ke Ola Health Center and their Community Engagement Department. With a lot of hard work and perseverance we are excited to embark on this journey with our Maui Community Health Center. Our primary goal with MIKOHC is to create more options and opportunities for our community to engage in health and wellness. We hope to work together to find ways to create, educate, increase awareness and provide a safe space for our community in the most vulnerable time of our lives.

We also aspire to look into and value our indigenous knowledge and mindsets as major contributing solutions to provide healing to our community, by creating comfortable environments for us to come together and open lines of communication that may have been obstructed over multiple generations.


“Hā Kanu ʻia nā hua, ʻO kēia ka manawa ulu”

The seeds have been planted, now is the time to grow

“Hālau Ke‘alaokamaile’s mission is to perpetuate the Hawaiian tradition, culture and heritage through its arts, beliefs, dance, language and agriculture. A strong connection to the land is an essential part of the hula experience.

Through our cultural and agroforestry programs the hālau will establish a unique resource to deepen and expand ancient and modern traditions within the community.”

Collaborations & Connections

Kanu Ka ʻIke has been weaving thoughts, knowledge, ideas and projects over the years. We’ve collaborated with many of our Maui small businesses, organizations, entities and members who aligned with our mission and vision. Also collaborating over the moana nui ākea to other like minded individuals and entities. We are humble and honored to fuse talents with so many unique and amazing individuals. Mahalo for contributing to the community through your passion, creativity and aloha . He leo mahalo kēia iā ʻoukou pākahi a pau!

Kupu Aʻe, Molokaʻi

Cultural and Design collaborations for fashion and products

Noblelism, Maui

Cultural and Education conclusion for fine art and mural projects


Cultural and creative collaboration, and business logo/ branding

Liliʻuokalani Trust

Youth Program facilitation and Cultural Education (Kuʻi kalo)

Maui Ocean Center

Kauhulu and Pihana Kanaka (space use)

Aina Momona

Professional Development consultation

Manaʻai, Oʻahu

Papa Kuʻi ʻAi workshop, A board and Stone in Every Home

Hale Hōʻikeʻike o Bailey, Maui

Community event, cultural display and presentation of kuʻi kalo

Michelle and Lloyd, Nahanee Creative Inc., Creed Nation, Canada

Nahanee Creative, Cultural Workshops

Shannon Randolph, Associate Director, Sontag Communications at Pomona College

Food Sovereignty Lecture collaboration

KAʻEHU, Maui

Narrator/ Educational Video collaboration for youth and community

ʻAha Kāne (Pā ʻUpena), Oʻahu

I Ola Iā Mauli Ola Summer Program- Community Health and Wellbeing

Pihana Kanaka, presentation on Kilo and kuleana

Grow Some Good, Maui

Cultural Consultation, Professional Development

Maui Huliau

Project site collaboration and Summer Programs


Cultural and Agriculture Consultation, Logo and Signage Design

Kamehameha Schools

Hoʻolauna , Hālau Ka Piko O Hinaikamala : Youth Program facilitation and Cultural Education (Native Plants ID, Watershed Education, Native Bird Education, Kaulana Mahina, Kuʻi Kalo and Kapa)

Professional Development, Kū Mauli (Indigenous Responsible Mindset)

Ke Kula Kaiapuni o Maui

Youth Program facilitation and Cultural Education

Kalama- Wood Shop

Native Hawaiian plant signage collaboration