“There is no Agriculture without Culture”

Aloha mai! While Kanu Ka ʻIke (KKI) remains the foundational enterprise of our way of life. I want to introduce and include the farming department of (KKI) called Kapūʻao, Cultural Farm (DBA). Kapūʻao translates into “the womb”. Kapūʻao, Cultural Farm selectively and carefully grow each plant with a collective contribution in mind, with purpose and intention to contribute to the overall health and wellbeing of our ʻāina (community).The womb is where life forms and evolves, and in our case, it’s a place where we cultivate, nurture and grow plants, fresh market garden food, relationships and knowledge. We also bring a strong cultural influence and perspective in the way we grow and share our products, which is very valuable to the integrity of our farm and who we are. (KCF) is an extension of our work and growth while providing food and plants for our community. We are currently putting together a processing facility to further expand what we can do with our product, also to support our community by filling the void of a processing space for other farmers on the island. We are a proud, Native Hawaiian owned business working hard to keep up and fill spaces in a complex agriculture arena.

This information is shared through research and studies done. We are not claiming to be doctors and māmaki is not a cure.

We are simply sharing it’s wonderful benefits. Mahalo!